Anonymous asked: Sam isn't with Nicole in your sims world?

There is no Nicole in my sims world.

Awwww. She divorced him and STILL sits by his side while he sleeps.

Awwww. She divorced him and STILL sits by his side while he sleeps.

No but seriously is it… is it normal for sims to keep their family status after breaking up with a spouse? Or is it only witchcraft divorces that do that?

Ummm…. Pam and Willa have accidentally fallen in love. I was trying to click on Eric and I missed. Oops.

Anonymous asked: Is Sookie only married to Amnesia Eric or is that just a coincidence that he's dressed like him when she's being lovey dovey?

Well like who could resist snuggling him when he’s wearing that cuddly purple hoodie right? There’s only 1 Eric in my game. He’s just particularly irresistible when dressed as a lost puppy.


Random TV Rec TimeWelcome to Sweden is really funny.

Now feels like a good time for some updated offspring pics. Can you guess who their parents are? Click the pics for answers. 

BTW for anyone wondering - their human parents stay young by drinking the elixir of life reward.

Also Sookie & Bill’s twins were born long before Anna & Stephen were even married, let alone had twins of their own.

Oh and the kids with same-sex parents are their parents’ genetic offspring - that’s a thing that’s possible if you’re a cheaty player like me.