Sims 3 Eric Sim

HEY SIMS 3 PLAYERS! Someone just posted a nice version of Eric for you to download. Check him out at the link above.  

I’ve added him to the “things other people made" download gallery for future reference. You can get there anytime via the "downloads" link at the top of this blog. There are some other nice Sims 3 sims listed there too, on the lower half of the page.

Anonymous asked:  Sims 4 was announced today. How do you feel about this, and will you even try it or just stick to Sims 2?

Well the release is over a year away so I really can’t say what I’ll do.  Hopefully it’ll be awesome.  Awesome enough to make me want to rebuild my town and its characters and play and play and never stop.

Like, remember the first time you played Sims 2 and couldn’t stop giggling and squeeing at the hilarious adorable surprising stuff the sims did… and then giggled more when you incompetently installed all the appliances backwards and put the tv in the bedroom and your sims nearly died of starvation and sleep deprivation…. and then you made sims that really looked like your fave tv character or yourself or your bff and they still looked like that when you got them in a house *cough*TS3isbadatthat*cough* and they really acted like you or your bff or your fave tv character and they charmed you to the core of your soul and you nearly died of starvation and sleep deprivation because you couldn’t stop playing with them?

Yeah. Hopefully it’ll be like that. But at this point who knows.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever considered bringing your game to sims 3? Great work by the way, love it!

Please see FAQ #12.

To everyone who’s been asking about Sims 3 lately:  I don’t play Sims 3 and don’t make stuff for it.  More details in FAQ #12.  There are links to some nice Sims 3 sims that other people have made at the bottom of this page.

alienizers asked: why are you still playing sims 2 in 2012???????