Sims 3 Eric Sim

HEY SIMS 3 PLAYERS! Someone just posted a nice version of Eric for you to download. Check him out at the link above.  

I’ve added him to the “things other people made" download gallery for future reference. You can get there anytime via the "downloads" link at the top of this blog. There are some other nice Sims 3 sims listed there too, on the lower half of the page.

Anonymous asked:  Sims 4 was announced today. How do you feel about this, and will you even try it or just stick to Sims 2?

Well the release is over a year away so I really can’t say what I’ll do. Hopefully it’ll be awesome.  Awesome enough to make me want to rebuild my town and its characters and play and play and never stop.

Like, remember the first time you played Sims 2 and couldn’t stop giggling and squeeing at the hilarious adorable surprising stuff the sims did… and then giggled more when you incompetently installed all the appliances backwards and put the tv in the bedroom and your sims nearly died of starvation and sleep deprivation…. and then you made sims that really looked like your fave tv character or yourself or your bff and they still looked like that when you got them in a house *cough*TS3isbadatthat*cough* and they really acted like you or your bff or your fave tv character and they charmed you to the core of your soul and you nearly died of starvation and sleep deprivation because you couldn’t stop playing with them?

Yeah. Hopefully it’ll be like that. But at this point who knows.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever considered bringing your game to sims 3? Great work by the way, love it!

Please see FAQ #12.

To everyone who’s been asking about Sims 3 lately:  I don’t play Sims 3 and don’t make stuff for it.  More details in FAQ #12.  There are links to some nice Sims 3 sims that other people have made at the bottom of this page.

alienizers asked: why are you still playing sims 2 in 2012???????



Anonymous asked: are your downloads compatible with sims 3?

Anonymous asked: heyyy, i must say i find hours of entertainment on your blog, i can't believe how realistic you've made all the characters look! :) i was just wondering though if you would ever be able to create your sims as sims 3 packages by any chance? or if there was any way to convert them? i'm simply in love with Godric (2000 year old vampires shouldn't be allowed to be so cute...) and would kill to have a version of him in my sims 3 game! :) ~ x

No, sorry.  There’s no way to convert sims from Sims 2 to 3, and I don’t play Sims 3 at all so I’m sure not gonna re-make anything for it.  There are some nice Sims 3 versions of Bill, Sookie, Eric, Lafayette, and Sophie-Anne linked at the bottom of this page but I haven’t seen a Godric.  Guess you’ll have to make him yourself. 

Thanks for the kind words though.  :)


If you need help with your Sims 2 (or Sims 3) game, please refer to the Game Help Section at Mod The Sims.  They have FAQs and forums covering pretty much everything you may need help with - technical matters, custom content installation, gameplay guides, and more. 

I will not be answering such questions on this blog.  Mod The Sims is run by fans with years of experience playing, creating content for, and solving problems with Sims 2 and Sims 3.  Frankly you’re more likely to get useful help there than from EA Games, and it’ll certainly be better help than I could provide here. 

simtastic asked:

Hey so I read your 6 reasons of why you prefer Sims 2 over Sims 3 and I just have a few comments to add.

I agree completely that the two games are very different and neither is better than the other, its all about preference and what you wanna do with it. I also feel your first 5 points are also points chosen by preference. You suggest Sims 2 Sims are cuter however I personally find Sims 3 Sims cuter. You also talk of lighting and walking but I’ve never had a problem with either of these. As for a quality of the game and the way it runs I prefer the way Sims 3 runs over Sims 2 because on my computer the graphics are way nicer and it loads faster and theres never a loading screen to travel around the town or to visit others. These of course all obvious personal preferences and I’m only pointing this out for the people interested in Sims 3. I originally went back to Sims 2 after trying Sims 3 because I was so used to the old game play. I also own all the expansions and Sims 2 has way more objects and interactions for Sims which I miss. (i mostly miss pets, vacations, hobbies, memories, aliens, diving boards) I also don’t want to invest more money so I haven’t purchased a Sims 3 expansion pack. There was also a lot of great Sims 2 mods and downloads out there (I can’t have teen pregnancy with Awesomemod) but theres no new ones being made. Sims 3 allows for much more customizing of objects which I like. And story mode is the best part of the whole thing. But theres a lot of Sims 2 I still miss.

simtastic asked:

One thing I forgot to add about how much I love Sims 2 = Cheats. Sims 3 has way less cheats and I find making Sims do certain interactions for movies or whatever is way harder. It’s also nearly impossible to de-age a Sim without something like Awesomemod ( unless you go through all the effort of making ambrosia )

Well yeah.  It’s personal preference.  I strongly prefer Sims 2.  Others strongly prefer Sims 3.  There ya have it folks, a differing view.  Thanks for the input!

mockyrfears asked:

you probably get this all the effing time but i did have a look through your blog for an explanation haha. to save my money (and my computer space), you definitely reccommend just sticking with sims 2? can you even download custom skins for your sims in sims3 or have you played it? i LOVE sims 2 but my main computer with it on it just died so i want to reinstall it and all the custom packs (if i can find the serial numbers, fml), or sims 3 but whilst the aspirations in sims 3 look cool, it doesn’t seem to have to be as hilarious…

Well it comes down to personal preference.  I can’t know which game you or anyone else would prefer.  All I know is that I prefer Sims 2.  I did try Sims 3 when it first came out and it was kinda fun, and I liked some of the new aspects of the game.  But after a few days I went back to Sims 2 and was blown away by the cuteness, charm, and humour in the game, and never really played Sims 3 again.  Guess you want that checklist now huh?  Here’s why I prefer Sims 2:

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